Black cardinal
Black cardinal for sale

Black cardinal for sale


Black cardinal

Philodendron Black Cardinal has deep burgundy almost black leaves and red stems. … A mixture of perlite, bark, soil and charcoal has been proven to be the best potting mix for Philodendron’s. It will also grow well in sphagnum moss or peat-perlite/vermiculite mix.

Philodendron Black Cardinal – An Exotic Houseplant for Sale

If you’re looking for an exotic addition to your home or office, Philodendron Black Cardinal plants are one of the best options to consider. These ornamental plants have dark green leaves with bright red tips, making them easy to spot and hard to forget. They add not only color but also interest and visual appeal to any room they inhabit, as they grow outwards rather than upwards and aren’t very tall themselves.

What is philodendron black cardinal?

The black cardinal philodendron is a beautiful, exotic houseplant that can be used in the office or at home. It has dark green leaves that are glossy and shiny on the top with a deep purple color underneath. The plant is an evergreen, meaning it keeps its leaves year-round. In addition, it also has red flowers which bloom in the summertime. This philodendron can grow up to 3 feet tall and can be kept outdoors in warm climates. However, it should be brought inside during colder months or when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a colder climate, you can keep this plant indoors as long as it’s placed near a sunny window or under your artificial light. You’ll want to make sure not to overwater this plant since black cardinals don’t like wet soil. These plants prefer dry soil and won’t tolerate being constantly soaked so they may droop if they’re overwatered or don’t have enough drainage. If you have any questions about caring for your black cardinal philodendron please feel free to contact us!

Where do you get it from?

The Philodendron Black Cardinal is an exotic houseplant that will make a great addition to your home. It can grow up to 15 feet high, making it an excellent choice for adding height to a room. This plant is easy to care for and has been known to flourish in environments with low light conditions. Give one a home today! The perfect Christmas present for the person who wants something different this holiday season. For all of your indoor gardening needs stop by our online shop and let us help you find the perfect plant for any occasion. We carry everything from small plants to full trees which we ship across North America and beyond. Come on over to visit today!

How to care for this plant

If you are considering adding a Philodendron to your home, be sure to follow these instructions. The plant is easy to care for and has interesting features that make it a beautiful addition to any room.
1) Place the plant in an area of indirect sunlight with plenty of airflow. 2) Keep the soil moist but not wet. 3) Feed the plant once every two weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer such as Miracle-Gro® Shake ‘N Feed® Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food available at your local Lowe’s®, Home Depot®, or Walmart®. 4) Spray the leaves with warm water about twice a week. 5) Clean the leaves periodically using a soft cloth sprayed with soapy water and wrung out thoroughly. 6) Prune off dead or diseased parts of the plant at least once per year to maintain its healthy appearance and size. 7) In winter, keep it above 55°F (12°C), preferably 60°F (16°C). 8) A Philodendron can stay outdoors during mild winters without risk; otherwise place them in a cool spot protected from frost.

How to store this plant correctly

The Philodendron black cardinal is an exotic-looking houseplant that can be a great addition to any home. For the best care, it needs: plenty of sunlight, warm temperatures, and moist soil. It’s important to keep the soil moist but not soggy wet. If you notice your plant starting to yellow or wilt then you know your plant is in need of more water. Once you’ve watered your plant, wait until it dries out before watering again.
The leaves will eventually turn brown as they age and become brittle; cut off any browned leaves with clean scissors or pruning shears. Make sure not to bury the leaves too deep in the potting mix, so they have good access to air circulation. And finally, mist your plant once or twice per week during winter months only! Keep your plant away from heat vents, direct sunlight, or drafts.
Be sure to check out our blog post on caring for philodendrons!

How to repot your philodendron black cardinal

After a year or two of living in a pot, it may be time to repot your philodendron. This is not too difficult as long as you know what you are doing and get the right supplies ahead of time. The following steps will help you take good care of your plant without any fuss.
1) First, take the current container off the table and set it aside. Wipe down the surface with a cloth or paper towel moistened with water to remove any dirt that may have accumulated on the surface from dust or other particles in the air.
2) Next, purchase a pot that is at least one inch larger in diameter than the pot your plant currently resides in from your local gardening store or nursery. It’s important to choose an appropriately sized pot because when repotting plants, they should never become root-bound which can stunt their growth.
3) Fill up the new pot with soil that has been pre-moistened before using. (It’s best if the soil is wet but not dripping.) Take your plant out of its current pot and place it in the new one by gently sliding it out of the old container onto a plate so its roots do not break when being transferred into the new soil. You can cut away some of the dead roots if necessary before transferring it over to ensure healthy roots grow back quickly in their new home.

average price for Philodendron Black Cardinal

The Philodendron Black Cardinal is an easy-to-care-for houseplant that will grow to be a large specimen plant. It has glossy, dark green leaves with prominent red veins and a cream underside. The flowers are purple or white, depending on the cultivar.
The price of this plant varies depending on size and availability; however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $35 for one in a 10 pot. A 20 inch tall plant may cost you between $25 and $45 at a local nursery. These plants don’t require much water, so it’s best not to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again. You should also avoid overwatering, which may cause root rot. If you live in a cool climate, consider bringing your plant indoors during the winter months. To propagate new plants from cuttings, allow them to callous off after removing them from the stem. Gently insert a toothpick into the callous area near the base of your cutting and use it as leverage to tear away at least four leaf nodes, then dip the end into rooting hormone powder before inserting into moist potting mix. After about four weeks, transfer your rooted cutting into its own pot filled with rich soil.

The care requirements of the philodendron black cardinal

The philodendron black cardinal is a type of plant known as a lucky bamboo or money tree. These plants are not true bamboos, but their round stems and leaves are similar to the appearance of bamboo. The philodendron black cardinal is an exotic houseplant that requires medium-high light conditions, ample water and humidity, and a potting soil with good drainage. The best time to fertilize this plant is in early spring before new growth begins.

How often it needs watering 

Philodendrons require a moderate amount of water. The plant should be watered when the top inch of soil has dried out, but not so much that the pot begins to overflow with water. In general, this means watering your philodendron once every week or two.

How much sunlight it requires

This exotic houseplant is originally from South America, and it prefers to be grown in bright indirect light. While it will tolerate a little more light, too much sun can scorch the plant’s leaves and cause them to turn brown.

shipping of Philodendron Black Cardinal

The Philodendron black cardinal is one of the best houseplants you can buy. It can grow to be as tall as 4-6 feet and it’s a great plant for beginners. We ship out these plants on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure they arrive in great condition. The shipping will cost $16 per plant, which includes a tracking number and packaging costs. We offer nationwide delivery, so no matter where you are in the United States, we’ll ship your new houseplant right to your door! Our plants come with a 30 day guarantee and if any part of the plant dies within that timeframe, we’ll replace it free of charge. They’re hardy enough to handle tough conditions like less than ideal light or forgetting to water them every once in awhile. The Philodendron black cardinal is also one of the few plants that isn’t picky about what kind of soil you have; all they need is something well draining, high quality potting soil will do just fine. If there’s anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-408-721-1177 or send an email through our contact form (! We would love to talk more about how we can get this exotic houseplant delivered straight to your doorstep.

Black cardinal for sale with express shipping globally

Philodendron Black Cardinal has deep burgundy almost black leaves and red stems. … A mixture of perlite, bark, soil and charcoal has been proven to be the best potting mix for Philodendron’s. It will also grow well in

Buy Black Cardinal Online
Buy Black Cardinal Online

low growing clumping hybrid philodendron with dark green, almost black leaves. New emerging leaves are a beautiful glossy bronze colour. Great low-growing understory plant in shady gardens.

Typical height: 50cm
Climate: Prefers tropical or subtropical climates, or warm protected positions in temperate climate.
Light conditions: Part shade / shade
Growth habit: Clumping
Growing conditions: Moist well drained soil.
Black Cardinal For Sale Near Me
Black Cardinal For Sale Near Me

Black Cardinal is best grown in well-drained, moist soil in part shade. Too much light or too little moisture can cause the leaves to become pale and brown. Philodendrons also do not like overly wet or cold soils. Avoid alkaline soil.

Black Cardinal philodendron is a fantastic understory plant in shady gardens in warm, frost-free regions. It is also an excellent houseplant in bright, warm indoor spaces.

The philodendron leaves and stems are poisonous, and the juices can cause skin irritation in some people.

What is black cardinal?
Black Cardinal has glossy bronze and blackish green leaves with lush foliage . ... The leaves are broadly oval or truly lance-shaped, emerging light orange or bronze. They slowly mature to a deeper, truly dark green with inclination to nearly black, and oldest leaves on the lowest part of the plant darkest and dullest.