Fresh Monstera deliciosa seeds
Fresh Monstera Deliciosa Seeds 95% GERM 10 seeds
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Fresh Monstera Deliciosa Seeds 95% GERM 10 seeds


Fresh Monstera deliciosa seeds.

Fresh harvest will be shipped out towards end of July.

Great low maintenance ( beginner ) house plant! Easy to sprout and an awarding plant to grow. Instructions on planting are below. If you are stuck in the house and need a hobby this will be perfect for you.

10 large seeds packaged with vermiculite / Pete moss

Some recommend soaking in water for around 2-4 hours before sprouting.

Can be stored up to 1-2 years in fridge with the vermiculite / Pete moss I send it in. Fresh Monstera deliciosa seeds

1 1/2 perlite and 1 part soil is what I use. Plant above soil and then lightly sprinkle soil on top. Water. Cover. Indirect light (window inside the house) and temps of 70-75 perfect for sprouting. Be careful not to over water

Disclaimer: international shipping can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on where it’s being shipped. I am not responsible for how the Fresh Monstera deliciosa seeds arrive. Monstera is a fresh seed. I do my best packaging to keep them fresh but cannot control the mail. Fresh Monstera deliciosa seeds

These seem do go for up to 1 month in the mail before starting to sprout.

Can you grow Monstera deliciosa from seed?

Yes!Harvested from the fruits of the Monstera Deliciosa, seeds can be grown with only a few supplies and a bit of time. If you don’t have access to the seeds at home, they can be purchased online from reputable sellers.

How do you get seeds from Monstera?

The seeds of Monstera are harvested by breaking apart the hexagonal berries inside the fruit. Generally, the seeds are either white in color or pale green.

Can you buy monstera albo seeds?

Well, you can spend a few quid on some cress or grass seeds labelled as variegated monstera. You can’t get variegated monstera seeds. You can, however, buy monstera seeds. AND there’s a million to one chance you get a variegated one.

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