Philodendron Florida Beauty Magic Mask

The Philodendron Florida Beauty is a laminated hybrid of P. squamiferum and P. pedatum. It needs a bright location without direct sunlight. The top layer of the earth may dry before watering again. The plant is one of the heavy eaters and needs fertilizer at least once a month. Temperatures from 20°C to 25°C are preferred. Propagation is possible via cuttings.

HOW TO GROW Philodendron Florida Beauty Magic Mask

Bright, without direct sunlight
The Philodendron Florida Beauty needs a bright location with little direct sunlight. The lighter it is, the faster the breading turns from light green to yellow-white. The plant needs warm temperatures that should not fall below 18°C. A room temperature between 20°C and 25°C is optimal.

  • Water moderately
    The pot bale should always be slightly moist, but there must be no waterlogging. Therefore, it makes sense to let the top layer of the earth dry and only then water it again. Clay pots with a bottom hole are recommended as a planter, as they reduce the risk of waterlogging and thus root rot. The water can drain and evaporate faster through the clay through the pot to the outside.

  • High humidity
    The Philodendron Florida Beauty grows optimally when there is a high humidity of about 90%. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the plant in a terrarum. If it is on the windowsill, it makes sense to spray it daily with low-lime water.

  • Climbing aid
    The plant is happy about a climbing aid, for which special moss rods with sphagnum mos or coconut sticks are suitable. Alternatively, the philodendron can be tied to a bamboo stick.