Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant
Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant

Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant


Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant

Please read our Shop Info and our Terms & Conditions before you order. Our shop info & Term Condition is a basis of transaction agreement for each parties (Buyer & Seller).

Photos are for reference only. You will get random plant. Size and shape is similar to the photos.

We provide Free Phytosanitary certificate to meet legal regulation of international plants shipment.

After receiving order, we will apply the export permit. After export permit released, we have to apply the phytosanitary certificate. The shipment will be done after the phytosanitary certificate released. Processing time will in range 1-2 weeks.Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant

We use DHL Express. This is fastest shipping we can afford. Usually to United States takes 5 – 7 days & Outside US 5-10 days delivery.

Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant Term & Condition

1. General Term
1.1. By purchasing plant overseas, customer must aware that plant might not be in its best condition when it arrives due to long transportation process and plant state (with or without root). It will take some times (c. 14 days) to recover.
1.2. It is with best assumption that customer has the knowledge and experience to take care of the plants.
1.3. It is customer’s responsibility to understand whether the plants are forbidden or not in their country and understand the import requirement in their country as well.
1.4. Customer shall inform us the phone number and email address for DHL/any shipment provider information. Many failure of delivery caused by Customer Uncontactable. DHL Express requires acceptance signature on delivery.
1.5 Customer shall send the import permit to us as attachment while applying phytosanitary certificate (if it’s required by destination country).
1.5. We don’t accept cancellation order after 2 days order received.
1.6. We don’t accept return or exchange plant after shipment.Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant

2. Export Process
2.1. Customer shall ensure the address for delivery maximum 2 days after ordering plant. This address will be a reference for all Export Documents.
2.2. We don’t accept any request declared shipment as Non Plant or other illegal action.
2.3. Please note that some countries require Import Permit or other document. It is customer obligation to provide the required Import Permit based on the destination country.
For example (please kindly check to the updated regulation before purchase especially during the pandemic):
a. Customer from Canada is required to provide Import Permit.
b. Customer from United Kingdom is required to provide PEACH (Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates) from The Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate Government of United Kingdom.Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant
c. Customer from USA shall provide import permit if being required by US Department of Agriculture (USDA).
2.4. We have to proceed application of Export permit from Government Indonesia prior to shipping. It usually takes 5 – 7 working days.
2.5 After export permit released, we have to apply the phytosanitary certificate as mandatory document prior international plants shipment.

3. Custom & Shipping Process
3.1. Plants are carefully sanitized then covered into plastic with sterilized moist moss. Plants are rolled up in paper to provide protection for the leaves. We use styrofoam box or cardboard boxes as secondary packaging (For winter time, we also use aluminum foil bubble as thermal insulation to maintain the temperature during shipment).
3.2. We ship plants with Phytosanitary Certificates in every shipment, indicating that the plants already passed the quarantine inspection and meet customer’s country requirements.
3.3. We will provide shipment tracking number at Etsy System.Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant
3.4. Customer shall understand, shipping duration is depend on the Custom Clearance process (including inspection and quarantine if required by your country authority). In term of delay, Customer shall contact DHL/shipment provider contact center/ local call center.
3.5. We are not liable for any loss, damage, death, or injury arising directly or indirectly from any process caused by custom or shipping process (handling, treatment, and length of time of release). We are not responsible for any delays in shipping due to custom clearance process (on hold by custom for further inspection if required). Customers agrees to not request any refund or plant replacement or other compensation if that happens.
3.6. Custom clearance, import duties & taxes (if required) are the customer’s responsibility.
3.7. We shall not be responsible for the quality of delivery.Philodendron florida beauty variegated wholeplant
3.8. We don’t accept return packages for any reasons. Plant will be destroyed by Indonesia Custom when returning back to Indonesia.

By submitting the order, it means that customer agrees to our shop’s TERMS & CONDITIONS.