Philodendron White Princess Half Moon
Philodendron White Princess Half Moon – Rooted Plant – US Seller

Philodendron White Princess Half Moon – Rooted Plant – US Seller


Philodendron White Princess Half Moon

Philodendron White Princess Half Moon Similar to its sister the White Knight, the Philodendron White Princess has white and green stem with pink outline. They are very rare and slow grower. This plant is fully rooted with 5 beautiful variegated leaves and one Halfmoon leaf. The leaves have hints of beautiful white variegation flecked and marbled throughout. It thrives when placed in bright indirect sunlight and well drained soil.

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NO returns and exchange. Seller is not responsible for delays or loss package caused by shipping carrier. It is out of my control once it leaves my hands. Since this is a live plant, the leaf/leaves may wilt, torn, or brown. The roots may rot some. I do my best to pack it with care. It will be shipped with soil mixture in nursery pot to minimize stress for the plant.

Is White Princess philodendron rare?

Philodendron ‘White Princess’ is one of the most rare and desired tropical houseplants and it’s easy to see why. Its stems are streaked in a beautiful red with white variegation while the leaves are variegated in in bright white to varying degrees.

How do you get more variegation in white princess?

Philodendron White Princess Light Needs

Bright indirect sunlight is ideal to encourage the variegation, as they can revert (lose their variegation) if not given enough light. I have my variegated philodendrons in a bright room but quite far back from the window and they do well.

What is the difference between Philodendron white knight and white princess?

Compared to the White Princess’ narrow foliage, the White Wizard and White Knight have broad leaves. A White Knight also has reddish-brown stems, unlike the White Princess’ green stems. You can also differentiate the White Princess from the other two white Philodendrons by her structure.

Do all white princess philodendron have pink?

Philodendron White Princess

This plant is special in that its variegation is mostly white, but every now and then it might surprise you with a patch of pink just like a Philodendron Pink Princess!

Why is white princess philodendron so expensive?
It is very difficult to keep the mutation going, causing these plants to be incredibly rare among growers. The origin story of this plant explains part of why they are so expensive – rarity. To keep the mutation that results from variegation, you need to propagate via cuttings or tissue culture