Philodondron verrucosum 2leaves
Philodondron verrucosum 2leaves

Philodondron verrucosum 2leaves


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Are there different types of Verrucosum?

There are many variants of Philodendron verrucosum, but at least two distinct forms can be differentiated. The Philodendron verrucosum with the red on the backside of the leaf blade and the variant with the green backside. However, the verrucosum species has many more different types to offer.

Is Philodendron verrucosum rare?

Philodendron verrucosum is somewhat rare in that it’s not as common as other philodendrons and can be difficult to find locally. They are also very sought after. So, although you can find one for sale relatively easily online, they do tend to have a bit of a price tag,

Philodendron verrucosum (Ecuador Philodendron) Care Tips

The Philodendron verrucosum is a striking plant, known for its velvety, dark-green leaves with bright, light green veining once they reach maturity.

Even the underside of their leaves, coloured a faded burgundy in between the veins, showcase its adaptability to its native tropical environments.

Unlike many of its Philodendron cousins, this plant is hemiepiphytic, meaning that though they start their lives as epiphytes, clinging to trees, they eventually root themselves in the ground like most other plants.

The parents of this Philodendron were right – it was just a phase.

Ecuador Philodendron are especially well-suited for terrarium environments, because of their high temperature and humidity requirements. These members of the Philodendron family prefer closed terrariums more than anywhere else in the home.

When given the correct conditions, this aroid can act as a beautiful centerpiece or backdrop among other, brighter plants and mosses.

Philodondron verrucosum 2leaves

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