Rare Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated
Rare Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Tropical indoor outdoor Plants Free Phyto

Rare Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Tropical indoor outdoor Plants Free Phyto


Rare Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated

What is a Florida beauty philodendron?
Philodendron ‘Florida Beauty’ is an impressive evergreen hybrid plant from the Araceae family. Thought to be a cross between the species Philodendron squamiferum and Philodendron pedatum. It produces attractive foliage on long, thin stems. Leaves are ornate and pinnately divided into lobed structures.

Are beauty Philodendrons rare in Florida?

Introducing the Florida Beauty

This climbing Philodendron is an absolute rare plant that you will not find on a regular basis. Luckily, it is a quite easy rare plant that will do just fine in non-optimal circumstances.

Is Philodendron Florida beauty variegated?

The Florida Beauty is a variegated version of the plant. The Philodendron Pedatum comes from the same plant species and means tree hugger. So make sure you invest in a climbing pole for this plant.

Is Florida beauty variegation stable?

Unlike monstera albo variegation, the Florida Beauty variegation as been quite stable for us even though on some rare occasion it does put out a new green leaf but the following leaf usually gets the variegations back. Like other Philodendron, this variety is easy to care for and should do well in most condition.

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