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variegated Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

Philodendron Erubescens (aka, Pink Princess Philodendron)

Being one of the most stunning varieties of philodendrons, Erubescens boasts variegated foliage that comes in the shade of pink and dark green. To maintain their vibrance, be sure to place them in a spot that receives an ample amount of light.

Is Dark Lord philodendron rare?

Philodendron dark lords are a rare and coveted find amongst plant collectors. You can sometimes find them on Etsy, or listed on specialised nurseries. Be prepared to join a waitlist or attend an online auction for this plant, especially if it’s matured

How do you care for a philodendron Dark Lord?

Philodendron Dark Lord needs 70 to 80 percent bright, filtered sunlight to thrive. A south-facing window receiving curtain-filtered sunlight during the day is a great spot. During the winter months, keep it indoors in a well-lit, warm spot. In general, it will be happier if you keep it away from direct sunlight.

Why is philodendron pink princess so expensive?

“One of the reasons it is expensive is due to the fact that growers cannot guarantee every plant of this variety will actually have enough pink on the green leaves to sell as a pink princess,” she continues, adding that, many of these plants end up being discarded if there’s not enough or any pink variegation.

“Hello Plant Lovers, Welcome to INDO PLANT AROID

“Please read our Shop Info and our Term & Condition before you order. Our shop info & Term Condition is a basis of transaction agreement for each parties (Buyer & Seller).”

Plant Description :

“Photos are for reference only (The plants sent will be more or less like in the photo).”

Term & Condition :

1. General Term

1.1. By purchasing plant overseas, customer are aware that plant might not be in its best condition

when it arrives due to long transportation process and plant state (with or without root). It will take

some times to recover.

1.2.It is with best assumption that customer has the knowledge and experience to take care of the


1.3.It is customer’s responsibility to understand whether the plants are forbidden or not in their

country and understand the import requirement in their country.

1.4.Customer shall input the phone number and email address for DHL/EMS info. Many failure of

delivery caused by Customer Uncontactable. DHL Express requires acceptance signature on


1.5.We don’t accept cancellation order after 2 days order received.

1.6.We accept return for dead plant,but not for dead leaf.

philodendron dark lord juvenile

Export Process variegated Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

2.1. Customer shall ensure the address for delivery maximum 2 days after ordering plant. This address

will be a reference for all Export Documents.

2.2. We don’t accept any request shipping with declare as Non Plant or other illegal action. variegated Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

2.3. Please note that some countries require Import Permit or other document. It is customer

obligation to provide the required Import Permit. For example :

a. Customer from Canada is required to provide Import Permit.

b. Customer from United Kingdom is required to provide PEACH (Procedure for Electronic

Application for Certificates) from The Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate Government of

United Kingdom.

c. Customer from USA shall provide import permit for purchase more than 12 plants.

2.4. We have to proceed application of Export permit from Government Indonesia prior to shipping. It

usually takes 10-14 working days. variegated Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

3. Custom & Shipping Process

3.1. Plants are carefully sanitized then covered into plastic with sterilised moist moss. Plants are rolled

up in paper to provide protection for the leaves. We use styrofoam box or cardboard boxes as

secondary packaging.

3.2. We will provide tracking number Etsy System. variegated Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

3.3. Customer shall understand, shipping duration is depend on your Custom Clearance process. In

term of delay, Customer shall contact DHL/EMS contact centre/ local call centre.

3.4. We ship plants with Phytosanitary Certificates in every shipment, indicating that the plants already

passed the quarantine inspection and meet customer’s country requirements. variegated Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

3.7. When normal custom process has been passed (maximum 3 days) and the plants die because of

bad preparation by Our Team, customer may propose plant replacement. To be eligible for plants

replacement, pictures or video of the plants conditions must be sent as a proof,

within 24 hours after plants arrival

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